Rovan Farms Work Day

January 19, 2015

This hardy group of local residents and FFBCH members trimmed the Middle Trail, Trash Trail and the connector between the two trails for a total of about three miles from Noble Street to CR 491. Another work day is planned to trim the fire line from FR 14 to FR17 soon.  Thanks to Rodney & Kathy Lane, Greg and Karen Murphy and Cal & Sally McDavid.


Withlacoochee State Trail - Horse Trail

Floral City to Istachatta

January 13, 2015 Work Day

"Crew Boss" Fred Rulcher did a great job of organizing the FFBCH work day.  This hardy crew of 17 trimmed 6.5 miles of horse trail.  Great Job to:  Tom & Mary Lee Allen, Bill Bishop, Janet Day, Larry Fowler,  Fred & Becky Fulcher, Kathy Jackson, Al Kline, Cal McDavid, Andy Michel, Gary & Janice Reynolds, Steve & Karen Rossman, Laura Fil and Diane Otten, Park Services Specialist.

Bear Head Hammock Trail Head

June 25, 2014 - Work Day

Boy was it HOT!

Gary & Janice Reynolds, Fred & Becky Fulcher, Barb Porch, Larry Fowler, Cal & Sally McDavid, Tom Allen and Andy Michel

Paint the Forest

On February 6, 2017 FFBCH had a "Paint the Forest" day. 19 hardy folks gathered up at Tillis Hill to meet and get their supplies. Six teams worked 111 hours and scraped and painted trees on Pine Valley, Middle Earth and the red field trial trail. That is roughly 20 miles of horse trail! Another paint day is scheduled for Monday, February 28. Hope you will join in the fun!

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Trash Pick Up Day 1-3-2017
46 plus people picked up a lot of trash!  The pictures speak for themselves.  My apologies for anyone who may be tagged incorrectly in the pictures.  Thanks to all who helped!

Picnic Tables and Mounting Blocks Installed
We have installed a picnic table and a mounting block at two locations.  One is next to the water on Pine Valley just east of FR 13 and North of FR 14.  The other is at Mansfield Pond on the west side at the intersection of Turkey Oak and Middle Earth.

Bear Head Hammock Work Day

December 26, 2015
Nine members of FFBCH trimmed 8.5 miles of trails in the Bear Head Hammock/Two-Mile Prairie Tract.  Many thanks to Fred & Becky Fulcher, Gary & Janice Reynolds, Tom & Mary Lee Allen, Cal & Sally McDaivd  and Janet Day.

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Paint the Forest

On February 28, 2017 FFBCH had a SECOND "Paint the Forest" day. 11 die-hard folks gathered up at Tillis Hill to meet and get their supplies. Four teams worked 48 hours and scraped and painted trees on the Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green and Orange field trial trail. That is roughly 16 miles! Special THANKS to: Karen and Steve Rossman, Arlene Pender, Fred and Becky Fulcher, John O’Banion, Gary and Janice Reynolds, Cal and Sally McDavid and Bob Dellinger.

Citrus Tract - Withlacoochee State Forest

38 members worked 180 hours on forest roads and picked up 5 TRUCK loads of mostly cans and bottles, mixed with car/truck parts and fast food containers. One group even found a "dump" of TVs, mattresses, and general household junk that forestry will send a truck for. Another day will be planned soon to finish up.

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Florida Forever Back Country Horsemen

Water Trough

This is the big water trough on Pine Valley (just north of FR 14 and east of FR 13).  We had hoped to be able to place a hand pump on the old well, but it simply isn't feasible at this time.  At least the trough is clean!

Trash Pick Up Days January, 2018

35 plus people picked up a lot of trash!  The pictures speak for themselves.   

Thanks to all who helped!

Tillis Hill - Barn Stalls and Gates

Many thanks to FFBCH Volunteers for building the stalls in the new barn at Tillis Hill!  Stall Project:  Larry Fowler, Fred Fulcher, Cal and Sally McDavid & Gary Reynolds.  Gate Project:  Fred Fulcher, Cal McDavid & Gary Reynolds